Law is a very important trend of societal culture, which must be elevated among segments of dysfunctional society

Of course, human life is completely related and linked to the system, rights, duties and various legislation. Therefore, the law comes in detailing and employing them accurately, based on regulations, decisions and regulations

The legal aspect in our country (the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) has evolved over the ages, and reached its brightest glory during the reign of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman and His Highness the Crown Prince, Prince Muhammad bin Salman - may God protect them - in light of the great development and advanced growth witnessed by the judiciary sector in my country Al-Ghali, amid direct guidance and supervision from His Excellency the Minister of Justice, who was able in a short period to register renewed development and innovation in all areas of litigation, and this was reflected in the desired benefit and benefit of the legal profession that represents the law, and this contributed to overcoming many difficulties and removing obstacles through Lawyers, which were hindering the achievement of the goals, but the situation has changed. As professional lawyers, we hope that His Excellency will continue these tremendous efforts, soliciting the needs of the legal sector, and also open the way for many developments that this sector awaits in order to achieve the highest goals.

We look forward in a corresponding direction to raising the levels of legal culture among community members, and for the various ministries to enhance the awareness of the citizen to know his rights, and the mechanisms followed to raise his complaint and grievance against any error that occurs against him.

Connecting the citizen to the law through litigation before the specialized courts contributes to educating citizens about legal dealing with the loss of rights and others. We look forward to an increasing legal culture that strengthens the citizen’s relationship with the law in order to facilitate his access to his rights, shorten the time, refer to the competent authorities to know the origin of the system, and seek the help of people specialized in law in order to convey his voice and direct him to the right channels to end his transactions

All concerned parties, the media, civil society institutions and specialized training bodies must cooperate in spreading legal culture in society so that we have a legally educated society that knows its rights and duties, and is able to obtain its demands under the umbrella of the law and the provisions of the judiciary.