A few days ago, we learned about the royal order, which included referring an official to retirement and multiple exemptions for a number of leaders in several regions, after what was reported by the Royal Commission for Al-Ula Governorate, the Red Sea Company, and the Souda Development Company regarding the irregular encroachments on the lands of the Red Sea Project, which exceeded 5000 encroachments and exceeded dozens in the governorate. Al-Ula, and the royal decision included referring to the positions, personalities and tasks of those who were exempted. The decision included granting the Ministries of Interior, Municipal and Rural Affairs, and the Emirates of Madinah, Tabuk and Asir one month from the date of the royal order to remove all infringements, with the matter indicating that very strict measures will be put in place if it is discovered. New infringements. The order confirmed the Control and Anti-Corruption Commission to investigate the officials involved and take legal action against them.

The issuance of this royal order comes within a series of state measures to stop corruption and the war against those involved in it, which began with the famous campaign that exposed many issues previously, and we pray to God for the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman and his Crown Prince, Prince Muhammad bin Salman, to cut the parties to corruption and uproot its roots. In-depth, which aborted development projects, mediated and transformed public money through the exploitation of influence and power in order to obtain money or employ their personal interests at the expense of the homeland and the citizen.

What was issued in the royal decree confirms the enhancement of the transparency pursued by the Saudi leadership by applying all regulations and strictly to any corrupt person, without exception, who has been convicted in corruption cases, which will contribute to reducing corruption and then eliminating it, and I am sure that there are many cases that will be exposed in In the near future and that the royal decree sent a message to all the corrupt who expect that they are free from punishment or the application of the system, and I hope that efforts will be intensified in order to enhance integrity and that the citizen will be a aid to the state and support for its agencies in the application of law and order and to stand in the ranks of the messengers and defenders of this great homeland in all Meanings of defense and sincere patriotism.