We have seen the popular campaign to boycott Turkish products, which is a great patriotic feeling from the Saudi people towards its leadership and against what Turkey has done through its President Erdogan and his aides to continuously antagonize Saudi Arabia at a time when our rational leadership has raised its response to the delusions and myths of this president, who has inserted his country into several mazes since his interventions In Iraq, Syria, Gulf security, and the involvement of himself in political matters related to the security of other countries, not to mention the political randomness in his statements and in his alliance with other leaders going on the same path .. The boycott came in a timely manner, and according to economic indicators, the boycott will cost the Turkish government nearly 4 billion dollars. Of the losses, it depends a lot on the Saudi market, which opened the door to it and created all the facilities for them, and there are hundreds of thousands of Turks living in our country and eating from its goods in addition to the presence of more than 200 Turkish companies working in various professions in an investment that revitalized their empty treasury for many years, but Erdogan And his followers continued their demagoguery in encroaching on and offending the Kingdom, and Saudi Arabia continued to continue its successes and achievements in the world, and Erdogan started to pursue flash drives in search of a place. Among the leaders after his star lost his star and his hatred increased, whether from the Turkish citizens themselves to whom the game was exposed, or through the people of other neighboring countries who were exposed to Erdogan's interference and his irresponsible statements.

Turkey has been for a long time and has relied on numbers of Saudi tourists annually, who pump millions of riyals into Turkey's economy, but the rate of tourists has decreased. I expect that it will come to nothing after this boycott, which was carried out by a great people, the authentic people of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia who stand with their leadership and feel The national responsibility to defend the leadership and the nation, and the boycott campaign came as one of the results of this great patriotic feeling.

For years, the Turkish economy has been suffering losses behind losses due to the regime’s arrogance in it and pursuing personal reconciliation at the expense of its people who knew it for what it is. It is not in their interest at all and because the boycott came and they did not take into account it, while it will constitute a fear coming from the high rate of losses, and the coming days will be able to see the dire results caused by the Turkish regime in more than one direction that reaped all the disadvantages and obstacles on the people.